Proserpine Sugar Cogeneration Plant

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Location: Queensland

The 10 MW steam turbine commissioned in 1999 augments the existing 6 MW of steam turbine capacity that was commissioned in 1974.
Bagasse (sugar cane fibre residue) is combusted in a boiler to produce steam that is then passed through steam turbines that produce electricity.
Lower pressure steam from the turbines is then used for process heating in the production of raw sugar.

Energy Purchase and Supply
Bagasse is combusted in boilers to produce steam for the steam turbines with fuel oil used as a secondary or backup fuel.
Most of the electricity produced is used on site for Mill needs with approximately 5 MW exported through the grid.
The plant operates seasonally for approximately 24 weeks per year from June to November at base-load to meet the Mill’s energy requirements.

Environmental Impact
The plant is designated as renewable and effectively produces no net greenhouse gas emissions.

Proserpine Sugar Mill
10 MW addition to a pre-existing facility (total capacity now 16 MW)
Proserpine Sugar Mill, Qld.
June 1999

Proserpine Sugar Mill

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