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Preston City Council approves plans for an 80metre test wind turbine

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Preston City Council has approved a planning application for an 80 metre test wind turbine at a site on the River Ribble.

Preston City Council has given the green light to a planning application for an 80metre test turbine on land it owns at a site near Riversway close to the River Ribble.

The test turbine will be erected in the coming weeks and the findings analysed to see if the site is suitable for three, 100metre 3MW wind turbines at the site.

The three-turbine wind project proposal is to generate green electricity for Preston with the surplus being sold to the National Grid and any income generated ploughed back into Council services.

The three 3MW wind turbines would be enough to power thousands of homes with green electricity.

The planning application was approved at a planning committee at Preston City Council on Monday (August 6).

The scheme is one of the first of its kind in the country – with the Council taking direct control. Councillor Robert Boswell, Cabinet Member for the Environment said: “As a council we are committed to this project and serious about renewable energy.

“If successful this wind project will not only create an income stream for Preston and its residents but it will create economic opportunities for the city and provide green electricity.

“We hope that the 80m temporary test mast will yield good results in terms of wind speeds and feasibility.

“It might take up to a year before we know we have the right location but this is a long term commitment and one the Council is keen to invest in for the considerable benefits that it will bring.”

The test mast will remain on the site for several months to allow a feasibility study to take place to ensure the site is suitable.

The Council believes it is a great way of improving their environmental credentials and creating a new income stream to secure council services in the future.

All local authorities are under obligation by the government to improve their carbon footprint. Preston City Council wants to lead the way by improving its carbon footprint and generating an income for the city’s services.

There will be a community-wide consultation process with residents receiving information about the project before the planning process for the turbines begins.

Green electricity is produced from renewable, non-polluting sources of energy, like wind, wave and solar power. This achieves a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, the main gas being carbon dioxide (CO2).

As Fossil Fuel is becoming increasingly more expensive it has an adverse impact on energy prices. Wind energy is one of the cleanest, safest and most cost effective forms of energy available.

Preston is striving to become a leading carbon neutral council to secure employment opportunities and maximise potential of the renewables industry.

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