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Photovoltaic Heaven – Worldwide Photovoltaic Analysis

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Research and Markets have added a database of worldwide solar companies including the complete up-stream segment of the photovoltaic value chain

This comprehensive database of worldwide solar companies including the complete up-stream segment of the photovoltaic value chain allows you to extensively search and observe the latest developments in the manufacturing market. If you want to look for detailed data on a specific competitor or on aggregated figures on module production and capacities per region or you would like to get a rough overview on the global supply market, this internet-based information tool provides you with all information you may require.

Key features:

– Analyze the entire value chain with a mouse click; from silicon to wafers and ingots right along to crystalline and thin film modules.
– Access data regarding 530 manufacturers around the world – either individually or organized by specific criteria – and use it for a competition analysis.
– Find information about production and production capacity either globally or organized according to country.
– Up-to-date data about prognoses from the present time to 2012.


Around 550 Photovoltaic companies from all relevant levels of the value chain (silicon, wafer/ingots, cells, crystalline and thin-film modules, European system integrators)

Source of Information:

– Primary research (market surveys, telephone interviews, value-chain cross-check)
– Public statements (annual reports, investment research, industrial sector analysis, press reports)


– Company information (contact data, production sites, involved stakeholders such as parent companies, joint ventures)
– Announced production capacity per company for the years 2005–2012
– Announced production output for the years 2005–2012 (if applicable, otherwise possible production output)
– Estimated production output for the years 2005–2012
– Multi level data access on an aggregated world market level, value chain level, or on the company level
– Flexible adjustable world market modeling, including cross value-chain check and development of global Photovoltaic demand

For more info: http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reportinfo.asp?cat_id=0&report_id=1582556&q=photovoltaic&p=1

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