Phoebus Energy’s Hybrid Water Heating System™ Drastically Reduces Costs

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The Hagoshrim and Inbal Hotels are reaping the significant economic and environmental benefits of the hybrid heating system.

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Phoebus Energy (, developer of the Hybrid Water Heating System, launches its expansion into the hotel industry with successful installations at Hagoshrim and Inbal Hotels in Israel.

Hotels and resorts consume large amounts of fossil fuel to heat water for showers, space heating and swimming pools. Fossil fuel costs represent a significant percentage of the total energy expenses at hotels and are extremely volatile.

The Hybrid Water Heating System packages modern heat pump technology with intelligent web-based monitoring and control software. The Phoebus Energy solution reduces fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions while significantly reducing energy costs at hotel facilities.

According to Eytan Rachimi, CEO Hagoshrim Hotel. “The Phoebus Energy Hybrid Water Heating Solution delivers bottom-line cost savings and maximized energy efficiency while ensuring a continuous supply of hot water to the guests at Hagoshrim. In addition, we have online access to detailed reports to actually see the energy we are using and saving.”

The Hagoshrim Hotel and Resort is a 164-room facility in Kiryat Shemona. Since implementing the Hybrid Water Heating System, the site is saving 65% of its hot water heating expenses. The Inbal Hotel, a 283-room facility in Jerusalem, has a Hybrid System in commissioning. Test savings are showing a 72% monthly reduction in hot water heating expenses.

According to Mr. Yaron Tal, President and CEO of Phoebus Energy “The unique hybrid solution has been developed to address the real needs of the hotel industry – cost savings, Green Energy, no operational risks, and most importantly, a system that is able to make the most cost effective energy decision today, as well as when the economics change in the future.”

The Phoebus Hybrid Water Heating System is installed at 15 commercial sites around Israel, all with similar savings to Hagoshrim and Inbal Hotels in Israel.

About Phoebus Energy.

Phoebus Energy Ltd. develops, markets and implements a Hybrid Water Heating System that addresses the growing need for energy efficiency, cost savings and reduction of carbon emissions for commercial sites. The company offers flexible business models including capital sale, risk-free shared savings and a combination model.

Phoebus Energy is committed to developing and implementing environmentally-friendly solutions based on intelligent algorithms to increase energy efficiency and reduce pollution. Established in September 2007, Phoebus Energy is funded by Terra Venture Partners (, a leading Israeli Venture Capital Fund focused on Cleantech, Galilaea Group, a strategic consulting firm with offices in Italy and Israel and Chesapeake Advisory Group, LLC.

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  1. Promising article but no mention that "hybrid" means combining a hp and solar thermal. Only mention is coupling a hp with modern, web based monitoring system. Would have been useful to learn if solar and when yes, how is the solar done.

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