Order book rapidly growing for Windworks innovative VAWT

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Windworks Engineering Inc ( Windworks ) announces orders of EUR 4.5 million for it's first vertical axis wind turbine model.

Windworks Engineering Inc ( Windworks ) , developer of the WW5000 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine , would like to announce that orders totalling EUR 4.5 million have now been taken.

In conjunction with the ” state of the art ” renewable energy division of the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore , a program has been developed to commercialise the vertical axis wind turbine model and fast track production to fulfil the rapidly growing order book. The University is also assisting in expanding the Company’s unique solar skin application , providing even greater efficiency.

Negotiations with a strategic partner to make a sizeable investment into Windworks ia at an advanced stage.The intention is to utilise their expertise to drive the Company forward with a focus on European and US markets.

Windworks is also developing the advertising potential of the turbine.It’s design provides the ability to animate whilst revolving and has attarcted the interest of several high profile international retail businesses who would like to exploit this advertising potential, whilst at the same time providing green energy , carbon credits and customer kudos.

For more information about Windworks Engineering Inc and it’s current activities please contact Mr Craig Bond or Mr John Davenport at www.windworks.at

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