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Optimizing PV Systems Special e-feature – coming soon!

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World Of Photovoltaics.com, the World's largest network for PV professionals, will soon be launching it's brand new e-Publication – 'Optimizing PV Systems'.

This unique, one-off e-Book will be published on July 22nd 2014 and is targeted at over 252,000 installers, system designers and energy planners globally.

Following high demand from our recent reader survey, World Of Photovoltaics are producing a one-off e-Feature, Optimizing PV Systems that is being published in July 2014. This unique, one-off 40+ page publication covers extensively the optimising process, specifically the role that balance of systems, inverters and energy storage play in this, with both advertising and case study opportunities available for a select group of elite manufacturers. We have already secured the placement of some major manufacturers within this feature with some key positions still available.

Table of contents:

  1. What does “PV optimization” mean?
  2. Three Stages of Optimization
  3. Inverter Selection
  4. String Inverters
  5. Module level power electronics
  6. Maximum Power Point Tracking Channels
  7. Shade accommodating MPPT
  8. Distributed or Decentralized PV Approach
  9. Module Level Power Electronics in Residential and Commercial Applications
  10. Myths and Misconceptions
  11. Storage: The Final Frontier
  12. Final Thoughts and summary

This is a unique and content specific publication targeting over 252,000+ PV professionals (who have specifically requested this feature over the last 12 months) explores the very issues faced by installers and system designers on a daily basis and is the ideal platform to showcase your own areas of expertise.

For full details and to request advertising rates to appear within the feature, please contact a member of our team:

Pangea Digital Media
Sales Department
+44 (0) 1268 574400

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