Northern Power Systems makes installing and connecting wind turbines easy

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Northern Power Systems (NPS) has made installing their wind turbines easier than ever through a series of upgrades. Core components such as the transformer are now built into the NPS60 and the NPS100, which make purchasing and installing easy for our customers. Other improvements include a new GSM network data connection package to allow seamless connectivity to wind turbines in the most remote areas.

The new standard configuration for the NPS60 and NPS100 is grid ready. This includes an approved 400-volt transformer, an RTU data logger and a utility grid protective relay interface (G59/2) all built into the wind turbine’s tower. The integrated down tower grid interconnection assembly also reduces its physical footprint.

Northern Power Systems wind turbines now have a mobile network modem fitted to provide a high speed-data connection. This lets the NPS60 and NPS100 connect to the Internet in areas where fixed line broadband connections are unavailable. Via NPS’ web based SmartView, customers have real-time monitoring and reporting of their wind turbine’s performance.

The complete set of upgrades simplifies the purchase and installation of the NPS100 and NPS60 for our customers, bringing true plug and play capabilities to the UK small and medium wind turbine market.

Northern Power Systems

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