New Wind Turbine Technology Testing Underway

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Lately we're seeing more of those small wind turbines going up outside homes, businesses and schools in the area and now, a state-of-the-art turbine unlike what we've seen before is making its debut in Idaho Falls

Wednesday morning, a new wind energy system called the Blackhawk TR-10 Vault was installed outside the Center for Advanced Energy Studies.

It’s a perfect fit, says Dawn Cardwell. She’s with Blackhawk Project LLC, that’s a Boise- based wind energy company that is now collaborating with university students and the staff at CAES for further testing, research and development of this new technology.

Electricity generated from the wind system will flow directly into CAES’ power grid so researchers can monitor data on its performance, safety and durability.

Dawn Cardwell: “There hasn’t been any new technology in vertical access turbines for a long time and this is something that we feel is gonna benefit the general public and anyone interested in small wind that wanted to benefit from green energy.”

This testing will go on for the next year or two with the hopes of developing a turbine twice the size with four times the power without much of an increase in the purchase price.

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