Buffalo, NY – ENrG Inc. announces Thin E-Strate®, an ultra-thin, flexible ceramic membrane for deposition of thin film PV technologies.

ENrG’s Thin E-Strate® is a 40 micron thick, lightweight YSZ ceramic membrane that opens new possibilities in the development of high efficiency PV thin films. It provides a smooth, inert surface and high temperature processing tolerance up to 1200 deg. C which is needed for depositing high efficiency PV thin films. And the large sheet format enables fabrication and interconnection of multiple cells on a single substrate.


Additional features include bendability for contouring to curved surfaces like airfoils, and translucency for deposition of junctions on the backside. The ceramic also provides high heat dissipation for concentrated PV applications, and is abrasion resistant and impermeable for higher reliability in harsh applications.

Kathy Olenick, kolenick@enrg-inc.com, 716-873-2939, www.enrg-inc.com

About ENrG:

Based in Buffalo, NY, ENrG Inc. (www.enrg-inc.com/products.asp) specializes in advanced ceramic membranes. The company works closely with developers in the areas of thin film solar cells, fuel cells, batteries, sensors, superconductors, micro-heaters and biological applications.

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