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Market Publishers Ltd informs that new in-demand NanoMarkets reports have been added to its catalogue.

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Market Publishers Ltd informs that new in-demand NanoMarkets reports have been added to its catalogue.

Dye Sensitized Cells: Materials, Applications and Opportunites – 2011. Dye sensitized cells (DSC) were once little more than a curiosity, positioned at the edge of the organic photovoltaics space. However, recent developments suggest that this approach to photovoltaics is rapidly commercializing. In addition to analyzing the opportunities for this technology in the BIPV and mobile PV space, this report appraises the strategies of the main firms active in this space …

Materials, Applications and Opportunities within Organic Photovoltaics – 2011. In this report a comprehensive examination of the marketplace, technologies, and manufacturing approaches in the organic photovoltaic (OPV) business is provided. Starting with a look back over the past year, it is identified where the long-term promises of OPV are beginning to be kept and where sustainable applications are emerging …

Silver, Powders and Flakes: 2011. The study analyzes the markets available for silver powders, flakes and nanomaterials over the next eight-years and provides detailed guidance on where the new revenue generating capabilities will emerge. It includes a granular forecast of new business potential in this area for the next eight years, as well as an analysis of the strategies being employed …

Energy Storage Markets in the Solar Energy Industry. The report analyzes in detail the requirements for solar-power-related storage and where in the solar power industry purchases of energy storage systems are likely to be made. It also examines the many different energy storage technologies that might serve the needs of solar storage …

OLED Lighting in Europe 2011. The report analyzes and quantifies the business opportunities available for OLED lighting in the major European countries. In addition, it shows how European companies are shaping OLED lighting markets in the rest of the world. The report provides detailed market forecasts in volumes and values by country …

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