New solar thermal collectors from Dimplex

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Dimplex is expanding its solar thermal water heating range with the launch of three new products; a cost-effective flat plate collector, a high performance evacuated tube option and single branch pump station.

The new options give Dimplex improved flexibility to offer a solution for every solar thermal installation.

With the anticipated introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive later this year, the new solar products will help to meet demand and add flexibility for specifiers, creating a choice of solar collectors and hydraulic packs carrying the trusted Dimplex name.

Dimplex’s evacuated tube collectors have been specifically designed to give excellent performance in the more challenging northern European climates, delivering excellent transfer of solar energy to heat, thanks to a vacuum incorporated inside the tubes to insulate against heat loss caused by cold, wet and windy weather.

Available in a choice of 20 or 30 tube options, the direct flow system is quick and easy to install and can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or on flat roofs and facades. Tube replacement is straightforward and the tubes can be rotated to achieve the optimal alignment. With a ten year guarantee, Dimplex’s evacuated tube collectors offer highly efficient generation of hot water for domestic and commercial applications.

The new SOL201 flat plate collector offers an alternative to Dimplex’s SOL220 collector. A cost-effective solution, the SOL201 is suitable for vertical or horizontal mounting of up to three panels in series, making it ideal for domestic use.

A laser-welded meander pipe with a highly selective absorber coating and 30mm rear and side insulation is covered by 3.2mm structured solar safety glass with 85 percent transmission, allowing the collector to absorb a wide range of light frequencies for maximum efficiency, while a powder-coated aluminium frame provides lightweight yet robust protection.

The new single branch, flow only, pump station SOLPU0 completes the trio of new Dimplex solar thermal products and is offered as a cost-effective alternative to the existing pump station SOLPU1. The new pump station is combined with a controller in a new hydraulic pack which can be used with any of the Dimplex solar collectors.

With two types of flat plate collector and an evacuated tube option, together with a choice of hydraulic packs containing pump station and controller, Dimplex solar thermal solutions offer performance combined with improved flexibility, allowing specifiers to create a system able to meet the requirements exactly for any installation.

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