RenE renewable hybrid telecom systems have arrived

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Delta is launching four new RenE renewable hybrid systems later this year. Two of the systems are designed for indoor use (InD) and two for outdoor use (OutD).

Delta’s renewable solutions represent a greener tomorrow. In addition, they enable reliable telecom services in areas where mains power is not available at all, or its quality is unreliable. With rising energy prices, the use of diesel generators in remote areas will become more expensive. This means that in addition to its environmental aspects, the use of solar energy will become an increasingly cost-effective solution as the technology develops further.

Delta’s RenE renewable hybrid solutions are offered either as a stand-alone solar power system or as a combination of several energy sources. Any combination of solar panels, diesel generators, mains power and wind turbines is possible – depending on the customer’s needs, the location of the telecom site, and the infrastructure in the region. Delta’s RenE solutions are delivered as a total solution, including the telecom power system with several cabinet options, power conversion and control modules, solar chargers and inverters, solar panels and supporting frames, a wind turbine and a charger, a junction box and batteries.

The new systems are based on Delta’s DPR 2900 EnergE rectifiers and PSC 3 controllers. These products enable additional energy savings – the energy efficiency of the rectifiers is over 96% and the PSC 3 controller enables significant direct and indirect energy savings. Both InD and OutD solutions are available with 8.7 kW and 17.4 kW power output.

The advantages of a stand-alone RenE system are demonstrated by a customer site in Africa. With 1 kW DC load, the RenE system provides annual cost savings of more than EUR 9,000 per site – diesel consumption was reduced from more than 6,500 liters per year to zero. With these direct cost savings, the payback period for the RenE system is about 3 years. If we include the indirect savings resulting from less need for maintenance and refueling trips, the savings become even more significant. Furthermore, the new EnergE rectifiers and the PSC 3 controller enable additional, increasingly faster savings. The operation of the system itself results in zero CO2 emissions, compared to the previous rate of 17600 kg per year. The cost savings over a period of, for example, 9 years, total more than EUR 70,000 – for a single 1 kW site!

The potential CO2 and cost savings vary by each customer, depending on factors such as the location and climate of the site, existing power solutions, and the optimal combination of Delta’s energy-efficient products. We can guarantee nearly 100% savings in CO2 emissions to customers who adopt the entire palette of our green SolutionE products: the EnergE rectifiers, a RenE system, the PSC 3 controller, hybrid cooling and the Site Management and Control System (SMCS).

For more information, see the following pages:

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The RenE products will be available by the end of 2010.

Source: SolutionE

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