New functionality and improved usability of the TLX Pro

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The most versatile string inverter in the market is now even more user friendly.

The TLX Pro has had a thorough update of the integrated web interface.

The focus has been on usability, the removal of bugs and relocating functionality to make navigation easier. The new software provides an easy overview and navigation to problem areas directly from the first page.

TLX Pro owners who have already updated their inverters with the software 4.0 have reported that the new navigation improves the usability of the Pro webserver, and they are very happy with it.

Graphical or numerical view of the overview page
Graphical presentation
The graphical view available at plant level offers the possibility to visualize the production and self -consumption at any time. If the S0 output of the consumption meter is connected to the inverter, the self -consumption will be measured and is subsequently visible in the graphical view. Finally the total power delivered to the grid is displayed.

Numerical presentation
By selecting numerical view, extra information is displayed. On top of the data shown in the graphical view it is possible to see the total production of the plant since installation, the CO2 savings, performance ratio and the chosen reactive power setting.

The LED at the plant status menu provides information and access to all inverters in the network if you click on it.

Visual identification of inverters
The detailed plant overview allows easy monitoring and diagnose of the inverters in the plant.

Click on the “Plant status” to see detailed information about each inverter in the plant.

You can see the status of the inverter (On grid, Off grid, Connecting, No comm. etc.) as well as identify inverters with yellow or red status by pressing “Identify red” or “Identify yellow”.

The inverter with the corresponding status will subsequently flash the display and display LEDs for 30 minutes, allowing easy visual identification in the field.

Overview of changes

  • Status LED provides direct access to more plant status information Extended status menu on Plant level
  • PV sweep moved to Smart Technologies

New Functionality

  • Flashing of display backlight and LEDs to identify inverter(s)
  • Monitoring of household electricity consumption
  • FTP passive mode allowing the use of mobile data communication (UMTS. LTE, etc.)


  • Improved FTP upload stability


  • Every page and section includes a short introduction text
  • The menu structure under View/Status/Log and Setup has been rearranged
  • Page content is shown in tables

Try it out
Update your inverter or ask your installer for assistance. The TLX 4.0 software is now available for download. Follow the link below.

> TLX software download