New Fronius Symo inverter ensures maximum flexibility and the highest yields

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Fronius Symo is the new compact three-phase inverter from the quality leader Fronius.

Maximum flexibility in system design, an optimum symmetrical infeed and product features to optimise self-consumption make the Fronius Symo particularly attractive, especially for private households.

The new Fronius Symo range of transformerless three-phase inverters offers devices in the 3.0 kW, 3.7 kW and 4.5 kW power categories.

A high system voltage of 1,000 volts, the wide input voltage range (150 – 800 volts) and the fact that the device can be used both indoors and outdoors offer maximum flexibility when it comes to system design. This makes the Fronius Symo inverter of particular interest to both installation engineers and end customers. What’s more, the innovative hinged system makes assembly and installation of the devices even easier.

The Fronius Symo also leaves nothing to be desired as far as communication options are concerned:

the integrated Ethernet interface and a built-in WLAN interface as standard enable straightforward connection to the internet and to smartphones (Fronius Solar.web, Fronius Solar.web App).

Due to the energy management relay likewise included as standard, the Fronius Symo makes a significant contribution towards optimising self-consumption, which is why it is particularly well suited to use in private households.

Thanks to the provision of reactive power and voltage support, the Fronius Symo plays a major role in ensuring that the grid is supported both statically and dynamically. As a result of these “Advanced Grid Features”, the Fronius Symo already meets the requirements of tomorrow for public grids, making it Smart Grid Ready and therefore one of the most future-proof inverters on the market.

At the beginning of June, Fronius Symo was honoured with the Plus X Award, the world’s biggest innovation prize. You can find more information on the prize award here

In spring 2014, the Fronius Symo inverter range will be expanded through the addition of higher power categories ranging from 5.0 to 8.2 kW. From that point onwards, all inverters in the series will be equipped with two MPP trackers as standard.

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