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New cogeneration plant commissioned in Czech Republic

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Jan-Karel 2 is the second in a series of unified and operationally-proven CHP units with an output of 1.6 MW.

Green Gas International (GGI), the international clean energy company, announces the completion of a new cogeneration unit (combined heat and power – CHP) at the Karviná coal mine in the Czech Republic. This latest cogeneration unit, Jan-Karel 2, is part of a project that will direct the heat from two cogeneration units to Dalkia ČR’s grid, the main heat supplier of the mine.

Jan-Karel 2 is the second in a series of unified and operationally-proven CHP units with an output of 1.6 MW. Construction of the unit began in November 2010. Regular operation commenced on 8 January 2011 and it has become the 22nd CHP unit of Green Gas DPB in the Czech Republic. Gas for the CHP plant operation is supplied from active OKD coal mines, and is delivered to the consumption site via Green Gas DPB’s central gas pipeline. In the period leading up to 1 May, 938,000 m³ of gas was consumed, and 3,872 MWh of electric power was produced and delivered to the local distribution grid, operated by Dalkia Industry CZ. As a result, the overall installed electric capacity of Green Gas DPB’s portfolio has now reached 28.3 MW.

Green Gas DPB intends to build a new 50 metre heat pipeline to connect to a currently unused 430 metre heat pipeline, which was originally rented from the Karviná mine for this purpose. Set to begin operation this year, the total volume of heat energy supplies is expected to reach up to 44,000 GJ annually.

Commenting Antonín Kunz, Managing Director of Green Gas DPB, said: “This new CHP plant is a further demonstration of investments by Green Gas to generate clean energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

“At a local level, the electric power supply to the distribution grid of Dalkia Industry CZ and heat supplies directed to the grid of Dalkia ČR are illustrations of the mutually advantageous cooperation between companies of the Dalkia Group and Green Gas DPB, a.s.”

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