New central inverter: Fronius delivers even more power with the Fronius Agilo TL

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Fronius Agilo TL is the new, compact and powerful central inverter series that has been specially designed for large-scale systems. Easy installation, easy maintenance and maximum yields are just some of the benefits offered by these two devices.

The Fronius Agilo TL is available in the 360 and 460 kVA power categories. As an outdoor version with a corrosion-resistant aluminium housing and an intelligent cooling system, the Fronius Agilo TL can also be mounted in exposed outdoor locations without a moment’s hesitation. Even in extreme climatic conditions, the new Fronius central inverters constantly deliver maximum power.

Despite its high power categories, the Fronius Agilo TL is in no way a cumbersome device. In fact, quite the opposite is true: its clever system design and compact dimensions mean that the Fronius Agilo TL is the only central inverter in this power range that can be completely installed and maintained by the installer.

Unbeatable user-friendliness and unrivalled operator comfort were two of the most important goals in developing the Fronius Agilo TL. To keep the installer’s job as straightforward as possible right from the start, the Fronius Agilo TL has been designed to ensure that no special tools are needed during transport or installation. A spacious connection area ensures total installation convenience, while maintaining and servicing the Fronius Agilo TL could not be any easier. Apart from the chokes, the trained installer (Fronius Service Partner) can replace all the components with the device in situ and can restore the system to full working order as quickly as possible.

Like the other Fronius inverters, the Fronius Agilo TL is extremely communicative. The basic versions are equipped with a Fronius Com Card and Fronius Signal Card as standard. By connecting an optional Fronius Datamanager Box 2.0, the Fronius Agilo TL complies with all current communication requirements. Fronius Solar.web can also be integrated into the system through a WLAN internet connection. A variety of different interfaces allows the Fronius Agilo TL to be used with third-party components.

In order that the Fronius Agilo TL is ready for the grid requirements of tomorrow, the device hosts a number of dynamic and static grid backup functions for regulating effective and reactive power. These make a considerable contribution towards stabilising the grid, which in turn guarantees maximum yields.

With optional additional components, such as the Fronius String Control 200/20 DCD DF for comprehensive monitoring and recording of the module strings, DC fuses or the AC cable set for the medium voltage transformer, etc., Fronius also covers the additional needs involved in the installation of a large-scale system.

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