NEL certifies the Gaia-Wind small wind turbine under the MCS

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Benefits highlighted by the latest small wind turbine certification.

NEL the leading technology services organisation, has announced the latest MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) certification of a small wind turbine.

As one of the first certification bodies to certify a small wind turbine to the IEC 64100 series of international standards NEL is delighted to have worked with Gaia-Wind to achieve full MCS certification of its Gaia-Wind 11kW machine – a requirement of receiving the UK FIT (Feed-in Tariff).

NEL, a UKAS accredited Testing (to ISO 17025) and Certification (to EN 45011) Body, awarded Gaia-Wind the MCS Certificate following successful completion of a rigorous testing phase both at the National Wind Energy Centre at Myres Hill near Eaglesham, Glasgow, and also from work carried out in the USA by NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) in Colorado.

Alistair Mackinnon, NEL’s business manager- small wind, said: “We are delighted to have awarded this latest MCS Certificate to Gaia-Wind as testament to the rigour of the MCS process and Gaia-Wind’s demonstration of meeting these exacting requirements.”

Managing director of Gaia-Wind, Johnnie Andringa said: “This is a huge breakthrough for Gaia-Wind. MCS recognises that our unique two blade wind turbine has been rigorously tested, that we are at the cutting edge of small wind technology and that our products and systems are absolutely fit for purpose. For our customers it means they can be assured of receiving the Feed-in Tariff that is so important.”

In January 2010, NEL was awarded a contract by DECC (Department for Energy and Climate Change) to install a number of additional test pads at its National Wind Energy Centre to help expedite the time consuming testing requirement. At the same time a research and development project was commissioned to investigate how the testing and certification process could be streamlined and improved. NEL will be reporting to DECC on the outcomes of this R&D project later this month.

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