Moventas monitors wind turbines and industrial gears remotely

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Moventas has opened a new Remote Center for condition management service in its Rautpohja premises in Jyväskylä, Finland.

The Remote Center enhances the CMaS condition management system for wind turbine gears by using the latest technology and service expertise for 24/7 customer care.

– Condition management is fairly new in the business. Instead of just monitoring, we provide expertise that foresees risks weeks, if not months, in advance, and recommends needed action far before it’s too late, explains Product Manager Antti Turunen from Moventas.

The CMaS (condition management system) is a remote monitoring system for wind turbine gears. It recognizes possible damages to gears and other mechanical components in advance, before they start to interfere with turbine operation. The system consists of different sensors and the main unit, which collects and processes the measured data. The measured data is then transferred to a server, where it will be analyzed in greater depth.

The CMaS condition management system has been developed together with Moventas´ customers. It proactively maximizes their production by preventing unexpected, expensive disturbances in wind energy generation.

– The main objective is to avoid taking the gear down to be serviced. This system minimizes this kind of damage as well as shutdown times, says Turunen.

CMaS combined with Moventas remote services is a unique concept and complements the Moventas global service product portfolio.

The newly opened Remote Center uses the latest technology, and also provides gear expertise on a more personal, customer-tailored level. The Remote Center has gear specialists available for all customers on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for very proactive service.

To make lengthening the lifecycle of wind turbine gears even easier, the Remote Center can manage condition monitoring systems other than CMaS. Also, it does not only manage the gear unit but the entire drive train of a wind turbine.

– Currently, we manage some 700 wind turbines around the globe, and we continually enter new agreements with both turbine manufacturers and end users, adds Turunen.

Furthermore, the concept can be used to manage any industrial gear drive. For example, it is currently used in the hydropower, process industry and mining industries. Moventas CMaS and Remote Services are in use globally within end users, OEMs and service providers.

In addition to the Remote Center, the Moventas service center network covers nine countries, and Moventas also cooperates with six service agents. The Service Hotline, covering wind gears as well as industrial gears, is open 24 hours a day.

More information: Product Manager Antti Turunen, Moventas Oy, +358 46 876 2078,

Moventas is one of the largest manufacturers of wind turbine gears in the world. The company also manufactures power transmission solutions for industry use and provides services for their overhaul and maintenance. Majority of the products’ end use is connected with renewable energy. In 2009 Moventas generated net sales of EUR 237 million. The company has approximately 1,200 employees in nine countries globally with a worldwide partner network. European private equity investor IK Investment Partners holds the majority of the shares in Moventas.

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