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Moventas and The Switch provide offshore output in onshore size

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FusionDriveTM Combines Wind Turbine Gear and Generator

Moventas, one of the biggest wind gear manufacturers in the world, and The Switch, the leading supplier of mega-watt class permanent magnet generators and converter packages, both Finland-based, have collaborated to develop a revolutionary power train solution for wind turbines.

FusionDriveTM integrates a high-quality gear, traditionally the largest component in a turbine, manufactured by Moventas and a reliable permanent magnet generator by The Switch in an innovative way – together smaller in size and lighter in weight than any other solution in the market.

“The lower the nacelle weight, the more cost competitive the turbine. Nacelle weight relates directly to both foundation and construction costs of the turbine as well as manufacturing, transport and assembly costs in the whole supply chain,” says Jukka Jäämaa, Moventas CEO & President.

The FusionDriveTM integrated solution with perfect alignment between gear stages and generator and an integrated lubrication system simplifies the nacelle structural design. The low number of bearings, low cogging torque and the construction with no current passage through bearings, slip-rings or rotor windings also contribute to the proven reliability of medium speed technology. FusionDriveTM is designed on a scalable platform that extends from 3 MW to offshore class.

“For wind park owners, reliability in practice means high availability and lower operation and maintenance costs. In addition, FusionDriveTM guarantees optimized efficiency, even at partial loads,” says Jukka-Pekka Mäkinen, CEO of The Switch.

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Jukka Jäämaa, Moventas Oy: +358 50 526 7665/ jukka.jaamaa@moventas.com
Jukka-Pekka Mäkinen, The Switch: +358 40 8080 580 / jukka-pekka.makinen@theswitch.com

Moventas is one of the largest manufacturers of wind turbine gears in the world. The company also manufactures power transmission solutions for industry use and provides services for their overhaul and maintenance. Majority of the products’ end use is connected with renewable energy. In 2009 Moventas generated net sales of EUR 237 million. The company has approximately 1200 employees in 9 countries globally with a world-wide partner network. European private equity investor IK Investment Partners holds the majority of the shares in Moventas. www.moventas.com

The Switch is a leading supplier of megawatt-class permanent magnet generator and full-power converter packages that effectively capture power from highly variable New Energy sources like the wind and the sun. Our technology ensures reliable, future-proof grid compliance and maximized energy yields. With nearly 3 GW of installed wind power capacity, The Switch has now reached net sales of EUR 100 million after starting operations in July 2006. www.theswitch.com

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