Morocco plans 2 GW of solar power by 2020

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The solar power initiative comes in the context of Morocco’s energy security plan announced last year, according to news outlet Zawya.

The 2 GW of solar power is expected to meet 10% of Morocco’s electricity demand by 2020. The solar power projects will be at five sites with a total area of 10,000 hectares.

The first subject was built in 2007. It is a solar photovoltaic (PV) plant in Tit Mellil with a capacity of around 50 kW.

The second sub project is the Ain Beni Mathar combined cycle solar and thermal plant totalling 427 MW of which 20 MW comes from solar. Construction started in 2008.

The third sub project is 200,000 m2 of solar water heating panels installed in 2007. Morocco plans to expand it to a total of 400,000 m2 by 2012.

Morocco is also introducing solar energy programmes at colleges of engineering and universities, and training for technicians.

Funding for the solar power projects will come from both foreign and domestic sources, and include private and public funding.

According to Zawya, Morocco has 5 kWh of solar radiation per square meter every day, and 3000 hours of sunshine a year.

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