Marquiss Develops Wind Turbine For Commercial Flat Roofs

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Marquiss Wind Power has announced that its wind turbine technology has met the requirements from two Northern California electric utilities to connect to the power grid.

The important milestone allows Folsom, Calif.-based Marquiss Wind Power’s customers to seamlessly connect to the power grid, reduce their need to rely on traditional power – and open the way for expansion of the use of wind power.

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District recently approved the connections.

“We look forward to partnering with many businesses and government agencies in Northern California to deliver an affordable alternative to traditional energy,” said Paul Misso, CEO of Marquiss Wind Power. “We have received considerable interest from numerous electric users in Northern California and will soon have many of our units serving customers.”

Marquiss Wind Power’s turbines are designed to be located on flat commercial, industrial, big box, and warehouse rooftops, with the ability to rotate 360-degrees, generating power from the wind, no matter the direction.

Marquiss Wind Power’s turbines generate on-site power, without any requirement for additional transmission lines, and connect to power grids as solar panels do.

The rooftop power concept recently attracted national attention when New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg urged development of rooftop power for that city. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom also has created a task force whose tasks include incorporating rooftop wind power to help meet San Francisco’s power needs.

Misso thanked Sacramento County for its encouragement of alternative energy and for its assistance in streamlining the permit for the rooftop turbines.

“Sacramento County congratulates Marquiss Wind Power on this accomplishment and looks forward to its continuing success in the future,” said Sacramento County Supervisor Don Nottoli. “Marquiss Wind Power is a leading example of the ongoing development and evolution of new alternative energy technologies in our region.”

NMI Industrial Contractors Inc. of Sacramento has two Marquiss Wind Power turbines atop its roof off Florin Perkins Road in Sacramento.

“We appreciate the opportunity to partner with Marquiss and generate power on our site,” said Scott Chastain, President of NMI. “This technology makes Sacramento a leader in developing new and innovative alternative energy sources.”

The expansion of alternative energy sources shifts the demand away from Northern California’s existing power-generating facilities and lessens the need to expand generating capacity.

In addition, wind power helps achieve goals set by the state of California to increase alternative, renewable energy as part of California’s effort to reduce harmful greenhouse gases.

The Marquiss Wind Power turbine costs between $30,000 and $60,000, depending on the model, and a payback period of between four to eight years, depending on wind speeds.

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