The "world's longest" wind turbine blade has been taken across islands and bridges in a journey from the small Danish town of Lunderskov to the capital Copenhagen, as part of the Wind Power Works campaign


The 61.5m long LM 61.5 P blade, manufactured by fiberglass wind turbine blade company LM Glasfiber, will greet the world’s leaders at the COP15 conference in December. The blade was installed at t

The “world’s longest” wind turbine blade has been taken across islands and bridges

he main entrance of the Bella Center in Copenhagen as part of the Wind Power Works Campaign in collaboration with GWEC, the Global Wind Energy Council and Vindmølleindustrien, the Danish wind industry association.

The campaign aims to demonstrate the development that has taken place within the wind industry, claiming that 25 years ago the largest wind turbines had blades with a diameter of 15m and were only capable of producing 50kW of electricity. Today, the largest mass-produced wind turbine has a rotor diameter of 126m, sweeps the near-equivalent of two football pitches and produces 5MW a year.

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