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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Leading the Charge – Rightcharge Launches for Electric Car Drivers

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Millions of people will be needing home charge points for Electric Vehicles in the next few years. Only the UK’s first ever car charger comparison site, Rightcharge <<URL: https://www.rightcharge.co.uk>>, can help drivers choose the best home charge point and find the best installation rates in their area.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are going mainstream. Sales skyrocketed in July, up 158% compared to July 2018, and the much-anticipated Tesla Model 3 has landed in the UK. National Grid even forecasts up to 10 million more electric vehicles on the roads by 2030. 

That means millions more people will need a home charge point. The right choice of charge point and home electricity tariff can save electric car drivers up to 70% on their charging costs, and reduce their emissions by 25%.

With the right charge point and electricity tariff it’s easy to fill up your car for £2. Rightcharge has launched to turn choosing the right charger into a simple process that takes less than five minutes. Drivers are then connected to the installer in Rightcharge’s UK-wide network offering the best prices in their area.

Rightcharge – bringing power to the people.

Charlie Cook, the Founder of Rightcharge, comments:

“We’ve built Rightcharge to make switching to an electric car as simple as buying a new phone. We’re here to help drivers understand how much they can benefit by choosing a smart charger – which saves the average driver over £200 per year. These chargers will also have a huge, positive impact on the cost of reinforcing the UK’s grid for electric cars.

Smart chargers can get your car ready in the morning by scheduling your charge for the cheapest hours the night before. When combined with an off-peak home electricity tariff, the savings can pile up.”

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