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Kyocera new high-performance module

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215 watts and 14.4% efficiency: New high-performance module from the KD series

Kyoto / Neuss, [WorldofRenewables.com]

The Japanese technology corporation Kyocera, one of the leading manufacturers in the photovoltaic field, is bringing a new solar module from the successful KD series onto the market. With its high nominal output, extreme stability under mechanical pressure and optimized junction box, the new KD215GH-2PU fulfils high requirements in every field.

The KD215GH-2PU high-performance module achieves a nominal output of 215 watts at an efficiency of 14.4 per cent under standard test conditions. Compared with the predecessor model, the KD210GH-2PU, Kyocera has again been able to improve the cells, while retaining the same module size, and increase output by 5 watts. The nominal output has a tolerance of only +5/-3 per cent. As a result, the 54 solar cells incorporated in the module guarantee the user a high annual energy yield.

In the contacts for the junction boxes, Kyocera opts for high-quality soldered joints rather than clamped joints, and thus offers dependable protection against fire hazards. If lower quality is employed, defective electrical connections may lead to a fire in the junction box. Soldered connections are the safest form of creating the contact and, in connection with complete encapsulation of the junction box, provide protection against corrosion and overheating. The junction box meets the requirements of the highest non-combustibility rating of 5V-A in compliance with UL94.

A sturdy frame for the module guarantees high mechanical stability: it can withstand a high wind pressure and a snow load of up to 5,400 N/m2.
Kyocera makes all components in its own manufacturing facilities, without buying in any intermediate products – starting with the processing of the raw material, via cell production, through to module assembly. This guarantees the high quality standards that Kyocera places on its products, ensuring that the KD215GH-2PU delivers maximum quality and reliability as well. All KD modules by Kyocera fulfil the new IEC 61215 ed.2 and IEC 61730 standards.

The KD215GH-2PU is due to be available in Germany as from spring 2010.

Source: Kyocera

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