Iran to build two wind power plants in Armenia

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Iran will build two wind power plants in Armenia. The central banks of the two countries will cooperate in the banking sector, according to documents signed within Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s official visit to Armenia.

Armenia and Iran also signed an agreement on mutual encouragement of investments. Yerevan and Tehran are planning to open consulates general in different cities of the two countries, the documents say.

“We agreed to carry out the projects, which would be jointly implemented,” Armenian President Robert Kocharyan said. Special attention was riveted to energy interaction: the sides consented to continue the construction of the gas pipeline to Armenia via Iran.

Armenia and Iran have decided to continue the construction of a gas pipeline and build an oil refinery on the border between the two countries.

Iran is “an extremely important partner for Armenia” and there is a “rich agenda” between the two countries, Kocharyan said.

He noted particularly energy cooperation.

The two leaders discussed the possibility of linking the two countries’ railroads. These plans are in the stage of calculations because “economic programme should be beneficial for both sides”.

Armenian-Iranian talks focused on the development of bilateral relations, the use of economic possibilities and mutual encouragement of investments, Ahmadinejad said.

Summing up the results of his Monday talks with Armenian President Robert Kocharyan, Ahmadinejad said he is convinced the Iranian-Armenian talks centred “on the development of bilateral relations, the use of economic possibilities and mutual encouragement of investments”.

In his view, “the two countries have opportunities to develop bilateral relations.” Among promising fields of economic cooperation, the Iranian president named “energy, oil and gas, nuclear power engineering, transport and mutual investments”. He stressed that there “are no restrictions for developing cooperation with Armenia”.

“Relations between the two countries are solid and stable. They are developing dynamically after Armenia proclaimed its independence,” Ahmadinejad said. In his view, “an independent and developed Armenia will benefit the region and facilitate security in the region.”

Ahmadinejad stressed, “All countries of the region should live side by side in a friendly and peaceful atmosphere.” “There are no problems, which can’t be solved by talks on a fair base,” he said.

“Iran is using its possibilities to solve all regional problems by peaceful means,” Ahmadinejad said.

Prior to leaving for Yerevan, the Iranian leader said that during the two-day official visit he expected to sign several memorandums giving a boost to bilateral ties.

“Iran and Armenia cooperate well in different spheres, in particular on power engineering and trade,” Ahmadinejad said. “At talks with Robert Kocharyan I plan to put emphasis on the expansion and deepening of relations between the two countries.”

“Our states actively cooperate on transport and capital investments,” he noted. He also hailed a political dialogue with Yerevan, noting that the two countries have common stances on many issues.

“During this visit, which is being made at the invitation of the Armenian president and returns his visit to Tehran, we are planning to sign a number of memorandums. I hope this trip will help expand relations between the two countries,” the Iranian leader said.

The Iranian president is accompanied in the trip by his first deputy Parviz Dawoodi, as well as the heads of the defence and oil ministries.

During the trip, he also plans to visit Yerevan State University to meet with students and professors. He will make a speech to representatives of the Iranian community in the Armenian capital.

According to Iranian press, 3,000 Iranian students studying at different higher educational establishments of Armenia are a major factor in the development of bilateral relations.

Trade between the two countries stands at 200 U.S. million dollars.

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