Intersolar 2010: Almeco-TiNOX presents highly selective absorbers and aluminum mirrors for solar thermal applications

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The German-Italian joint venture manufactures high-tech coatings that efficiently convert sunlight into heating energy with little climate impact.

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At Intersolar, Almeco-TiNOX will be presenting its high-tech coatings for solar thermal applications. In Hall C1, Booth 480, the German-Italian joint venture will be presenting its highly selective “TiNOX energy” absorbers for flat-plate and evacuated tube collectors. In addition, “Vega energy” solar mirror coatings will also be displayed; they considerably increase the yield of tube collectors, process heat units, and concentrating solar power systems. Furthermore, the company will also be presenting its new cutting unit, which was recently inaugurated at its production site in Bernburg (Saxony-Anhalt). “With this system, we can fulfill all customer requests for special sizes very quickly — an important component in our comprehensive range of services,” explains Georg Kolmeder, managing director at Almeco-TiNOX. The company brings together the coaching expertise from TiNOX, the German absorber pioneer, and Italy’s Almeco Group, which has been manufacturing reflective coatings on aluminum sheets for more than 50 years.

Our highly selective blue solar absorber coating in the “TiNOX energy” product line will be an eye-catcher at the tradeshow. TiNOX invented the technology and continues to set industry standards in product quality today. For instance, TiNOX absorbers lose less than five percent of the energy that the collector absorbs due to heat reflection. Manufacturers of flat-plates and tube collectors can use this technology to give their customers the highest heat yield. Almeco-TiNOX applies its highly selective absorber layers onto both aluminum and copper sheets in the environmentally friendly physical vapor deposition (PVD) process. The company has three modern production lines in Bernburg and Munich.

Almeco-TiNOX will also be presenting its “Vega energy” solar mirrors. With reflection efficiency up to 96 percent for solar radiation, these high-tech coatings ensure that systems get the most heating energy out of incident sunlight. Almeco-TiNOX applies a high-tech ceramic protective layer on its mirrors for medium-temperatures systems and solar thermal power plants. This approach makes the reflectors extremely robust in terms of the elements – such as rain, sand, and salt – and considerably lengthens a system’s service life.

At Intersolar, Almeco-TiNOX will also be presenting “Vegaflex,” a complete system for parabolic concentrators. These customized parabolic trough mirrors combine “Vega energy” coatings with corrugated sandwich aluminum plates from Almeco’s partner Xeliox. The system is extremely light and very robust, which considerably reduces the installation and maintenance costs for solar thermal power plants.

“Energy experts agree that solar thermal applications will soon to be a main pillar in our energy supply system. Already, they make up a large part of our carbon-free, reliable heat supply. With our high-tech coatings, we supply a key component of this technology. We look forward to taking advantage of the opportunities at Intersolar to show everyone in detail which products we produce to help make the world’s energy supply system more ecological,” says Almeco-TiNOX head Georg Kolmeder.

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