Innotech Solar buys REC solar factory

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Innotech Solar (ITS) is buying around one third of the shares of REC Solar’s module production in Glava, Sweden.

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The production facility has a capacity of 150 megawatts (MW) per year.

“The Glava site boasts one of Europe’s most modern solar factories,” says Thor-Christian Tuv, CEO of Innotech Solar. The decision to purchase the REC solar factory together with Perfekta Solar AB was helped by the fact that the new production site in Glava is located comparatively close to the ITS-cell processing plant in Narvik, Norway. The proximity of the two sites makes deliveries quick and avoids additional burdens on the environment. “This step towards the vertical integration of the value-added chain is being taken at an ideal moment in time: our European cell production capacity will increase from 35 MW to 135 MW this year,” explains Tuv.

Innotech Solar is striving for increased efficiency within the solar value-added chain. The Norwegian company specializes in returning rejected cells to their capacity through a multi-step testing and optimization process. The existing product portfolio is going to be completed by a new module series to be produced in Glava. These modules with ITS cells from Narvik will be characterized by high quality and performance at a price which is very competitive by European standards. Innotech Solar will launch the new modules this summer.

About Innotech Solar

The Innotech Solar Group is a solar technology company and an international supplier of PV modules. The company specializes in the analysis and optimization of solar cells, using a process developed by its own research teams. Innotech Solar tests, sorts and optimizes more cells from various manufacturers than any other cell or module supplier world-wide. The company is headquartered in Norway, with subsidiaries in Germany, China, and Switzerland.

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