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The burgeoning renewable sector is currently going from strength to strength and Innasol, the UK’s leading renewable heating company, is no exception. 

July 2nd 2014 –The burgeoning renewable sector is currently going from strength to strength and Innasol, the UK’s leading renewable heating company, is no exception. The Innasol team head count is now at 30; its partner network has rocketed to 175 partners and this autumn, the company will open its second training facility.

Silvio Spiess, CEO and founder of Innasol, “The renewable energy sector is growing. More renewable energy in the UK means more jobs, less reliance on energy imports, and lower UK greenhouse gas emissions. New government policies like the Renewable Heat Incentive and the new Green Deal is helping the sector to grow but we must ensure we have the right skills and training to meet this growing demand and prepare the industry for further investment.

“We train engineers on site at the Innasol Training Academy, located in our barn in Essex and we offer a range of courses to ensure they are up to date on the latest and most efficient renewable energy solutions. In addition to the technical training, we work with partners on their business models, marketing strategy and customer service protocol to ensure that each aspect of every installation is up to scratch.”

The introduction of the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive has led to a greater demand for high quality trained engineers. Innasol’s domestic sales figures alone have already increased by more than 50 percent, with further growth predicted since the launch of the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive in April 2014.

Simon Butcher, Training Manager at Innasol says, “The renewable heating sector is growing at a significant rate and as such there is the risk of a shortage of highly trained expert engineers. At Innasol we are working hard to create high industry-wide standards, ensuring that all engineers consistently deliver good service to customers and that the renewable heating sector is a sector that customers can trust.”

Innasol will be opening the extension of their Essex training facility in November 2014. Since the company was founded in 2010, Innasol has trained over 1,500 renewable heating specialists and aim to train another 1,000 in 2014.

About Innasol

Innasol is the UK’s renewable heating champion. Our goal is to change the UK’s bad heating habits.  We bring the very best, most efficient, most advanced renewable energy systems from Europe to the UK. Our nationwide team of Innasol trained and accredited expert partners advise and install market-leading, organic biomass boilers, next generation heat pumps and energy management systems into homes and businesses across the country.  As the largest UK renewable heating network, we have a track record of transforming  buildings  to be cost effective and ‘green’.

Innasol is a one-stop-shop for the sale and distribution of next generation heating technology. We are the leader in the booming biomass boiler market, made all the more attractive to businesses through the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. Powered by nature, Innasol’s heat pumps are independently verified as the highest performing and most efficient on the market. Air sourced or ground sourced pumps are quick and easy to install for reliable and cost effective heating and hot water.

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