Imtech innovations: sustainable energy out of residues and waste

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Recently Imtech (technical services provider in Europe) took further steps in the development of technological concepts for generating alternative energy.

Gouda – The latest innovations involve the conversion of residues and waste flows into sustainable energy. This has resulted in a first series of orders with a value of around 20 million euro.

Imtech CEO René van der Bruggen: ‘In recent years, Imtech has established a strong position in the energy & environment market with a distinguished sustainable technology portfolio. With the 2015 strategy in mind, Imtech wants to strategically strengthen this position. Energy innovations are an important part of this ambition, providing the basis for substantial orders in the midterm as well as extra spin-off in related energy processes.’

Converting hydrogen gas into energy

In partnership with MTSA and Nedstack, Imtech has developed innovative technology to convert hydrogen gas released during the production of vinyl into energy at vinyl producer SolVin Antwerpen (a subsidiary of Solvay Plastics, one of the world’s biggest producers of polymers and vinyl). During this process, hydrogen is first directed through a process container with fuel cells whereby direct-current voltage is generated. This current is then converted into low voltage in a second process container and then sent via transformers to the SolVin energy grid. Imtech designs and integrates the entire inverter system, including the high-tech transformers and the medium voltage distribution. This technology is currently attracting global interest.

Converting seriously contaminated waste into energy

Imtech is a partner in the ICOS Cleantech Fund II. Early participation in sustainable technological development not only makes it possible to respond to innovative clean tech developments, but also results in concrete orders. A good example is Ensartech. Ensartech has developed innovative technology whereby seriously contaminated residual waste is melted under extremely high temperatures and converted into sustainable energy, without generating pollution. Modular application means that this can be done on any scale. Work on the first Ensartech plant is due to start soon in Delfzijl. Imtech is providing all the integrated technical solutions and energy technology for this plant. There is also a business plan to further export this technology in Europe, for which a co-operation agreement has been signed.

Export of biomass technology

Imtech is a specialist in wood-fired bio cogeneration (CHP) plants. These are decentralised combined heat and power plants which convert waste and residual wood into electricity and heat. The conversion takes place through a combination of combustion and gasification. The electricity thus generated is supplied to the public electricity grid and the heat can be used to heat (and cool) buildings or as process heat. An order was recently received for a bio cogeneration plant in Latvia.

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