IDOL Energy– Air (Pneumatic) Generator — Wind, Hydro, Wave, Sun Electric

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IDOL Energy, Pneumatic Wind Turbine System, has a wind fan span of 5 meters which turns the air pump for pressurized air producton.

This pressured air is transported to the air tanks by plastic pipes. By taking the pressurized air from the air tank, using the pneumatic motor, the alternator is turned in the electric production kit, producing electricity like a generator.

On average, with a wind speed of 10 meters per second, 5 kw of energy is produced. There is no need for measuring wind speed. In the event of no wind, the other wind fans fill the air reservoir.

There is always a continuous electric flow, as with other generators (gas, diesel), there is no fluxuation in the electric current.

A 5 kw wind turbine set, with set-up included, is 2,500.-Euro.

(The pneumatic motor set consists of one wind fan, an air pump, 100 litre air tank, 1 battery, 1 small electric motor, 1 alternator)

(The extra Air reservoir cost is not included in this price. 10 m3 full air reservoir run 40 day if there is no wind, it cost 2,500.-Euro)

For low wind regions, every extra wind fan and air pump will cost 1,000.-Euro.

Transportation costs are not included.

Dealership, service and commission rates are subject to specific agreements.

Prices include set-up and service.

There are guarantees, spare parts, returnable items, enlargement and rental
systems available.


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