Ibedrola Ingenieria Completes Operating contract for Abertura Photovoltaic Power Plant

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After a five-year period, 24 September marked the completion of the operation & maintenance work for which Iberdrola Ingeniería y Construcción was hired at the Abertura Photovoltaic Power Plant in Cáceres.

The Abertura Power Plant, with a capacity of 22.98 MWp, is the largest photovoltaic installation built to date by Iberdrola Ingeniería in Europe.

It consists of 120,568 photovoltaic panels, 2,114 dual-axis solar trackers, a 20 MVA substation on site, common electrical infrastructure and the systems needed to upload electricity to the grid.

The operation work was carried out with operators on site and technical support at the plant three hundred and sixty-five days a year (solar day) from the company’s Operational Engineering team, with an average uptime rate of 99.42%. The Performance Ratio (PR) achieved amounted to 76.23%, which therefore exceeded the target set in the contract, which was 67.82%.

During the period in which the company was responsible for operating the facility, as well as the necessary preventive and corrective maintenance, plant monitoring and operation, other additional work was also carried out, for example: to adapt the plant to the response requirements for voltage dips in special regime production installations.

The Renewables Operation department at Iberdrola Ingeniería is responsible for operating the photovoltaic farms that the company designs and builds for third-party customers when they require that the operation and maintenance services be provided so that the turnkey contract may be awarded. These operation services are carried out both during the guarantee period for the facility and in subsequent years, depending on what is defined in the relevant contract.

Iberdrola Ingeniería is currently responsible for operating three photovoltaic power plants in Italy. Next year, it will be commencing operation and maintenance work at the Jasper solar power plant (95,98 MWp) in South Africa, currently under construction.

Iberdrola Ingeniería is responsible for an extensive portfolio of operation & maintenance services for wind and photovoltaic farms with a combined capacity of 478 MW for the coming years in countries as diverse as Honduras, Italy, Poland, Romania and South Africa.

Source: Ibedrola

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