IBC SOLAR expands their project business and sells 11.2 MW solar park to Allianz

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The German photovoltaicAbbrevatied.: PV. Technology that turns solar energy into electricity via solar cells. specialist IBC SOLAR has sold one of their largest solar projects to a fund managed by Allianz Specialised Investments.

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The solar park, located in Manzano in Italy’s Udine province, covers a surface area of 32 hectares and was sold to Allianz in August subject to construction and commissioning. As general contractor, IBC SOLAR was responsible for the planning and development of the Manzano solar park, together with all licensing requirements as well as its construction. The solar park was connected to the grid on December 7th 2010 and is entitled to the last year effective feed-in tariffs.

David Jones, CEO of Allianz Specialised Investments said “We are pleased to add the Manzano solar park to our renewable energy portfolio. Solar parks represent a growing element in Allianz’s alternative asset investment activities and we look forward to working with IBC SOLAR as manager of this project and hopefully others in the future”.

IBC SOLAR installed more than 47,000 polycrystalline modules (IBC PolySol 230) and 3,600 thin-film hybrid modules for the solar park. The park will provide approx. 3,750 households with environmentally friendly energy for the next 20 years. During this time, it will also save around 210,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

“In order for a project of this size to succeed, local cooperation is crucial,” explains Rudolf Sebald, Head of Technical Department and Large-Scale Projects for IBC SOLAR. “The local community really supported us while we were working there and was very open to the project from the beginning. Surely, IBC SOLAR’s high demand for quality contributed to the positive community reception.”

To ensure that the solar park generates high yields, IBC SOLAR is also responsible for its maintenance and servicing. With the help of monitoring systems, possible technical problems will be identified and resolved quickly, minimizing any loss of yields.

“We are serving the Italian market on two levels,” explains Rudolf Sebald. First as the general contractor, who develops and builds turn-key solar parks. Second, through our subsidiary IBC SOLAR Srl in Ancona, which focuses on expanding our business in Italy and on training our local installers there. Through these efforts, we hope to propagate the use of renewable energy throughout Italy.”

Source: IBC Solar

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