Home Island Power Station and Wind Farm

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Grid-connected, renewable, distributed generation, Territory of Cocos (Keeling) Islands

The site
In August 2000 the Home Island power station was destroyed by fire. Since that time power has been temporarily supplied via two hired diesel generator sets. These have proved to be unreliable and not capable of providing adequate redundancy for maintenance and breakdown.
In investigating options for a replacement power station for Home Island, the Department of Transport and Regional Services considered the possibility of constructing a more efficient and environmentally friendly power station, which led to the inclusion of renewable energy in
the final design.

The power station has two components consisting of a new fully automated 1.28 MW diesel power station and an adjacent renewable energy 80 kW cyclone proof wind farm. The wind farm comprises four 20 kW Australian-made Westwind turbines on 30 m tilt down poles (for cyclone protection), with inverter connection. The wind turbines have been integrated with the existing electricity network via power electronic inverters, which ensure a
clean and compatible power supply. Dedicated 25 mm 2 LV cables between the wind turbines and the LV switchboard of diesel component of the power station will connect the wind farm to the Home Island electricity distribution system.
The diesel component of the new power station comprises four 320 kW diesel generators, a switchboard, Australian-made generation plant and feeder control equipment, fuel storage and interconnection to the existing 11 kV network.

Energy purchase and supply
It is estimated that the wind farm will produce an average annual energy yield in the order of 220 MWh per annum. The project is expected to save 220 tonnes per annum of greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to removing approximately 51 cars from the road each year. The new Home Island Power Station will supply permanent electricity to the Home Island

Funding arrangements and acknowledgements
The Department has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO) for $502,000 funding for the wind farm component of the new power station under the Renewable Remote Power Generation Program (RRPGP).
This project is one of several RRPGP projects profi led on the BCSE website, available under the “About ” section on the navigation toolbar- www.bcse.org.au

Owner: Commonwealth of Australia
Capacity: 80 kW
Location: Home Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands. Approximately 2,950 km north-west of Perth and approximately 3,700 km west of Darwin.
Commissioned: May 2004
Capital Cost: A $3.5 million
Construction Contractor: Powercorp Operations Pty Ltd and Diesel and Wind Systems
Operator: Water Corporation of Western Australia (Watercorp)

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