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Global Fuel Cells Market

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Fuel cells have become one of the fastest growing industries in recent years.

From governments to private businesses and even academic institutions, all are collaborating to produce fuel cells and to find methods of improving their efficiency.

Fuel cells have the capability to produce electrical power in an efficient and without causing any pollution. In the process, fuel cells also produce heat and water as by-products. There are many different types of fuel cells that are found today that are competing with other energy conversion devices such as the gas turbine and batteries.

With the many advances that are occurring at a rapid pace in this industry, Taiyou Research presents an analysis of the Global Fuel Cells Market.

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The research report from Taiyou focuses on the following:

– The reportanalyzes the basics of fuel cells, including fuel cell designs, components and functions, stacking of fuel cells, availability of fuel for fuel cells, and other features of fuel cells that make them such an attractive option for generating electrical power.

– Efficiency of fuel cells is analyzed.

– Life cycle analysis of fuel cells includes a strategic and diagrammatic representation of the same.

– Various types of fuel cells are analyzed including alkaline fuel cells, direct methanol fuel cells, phosphoric acid fuel cells, solid oxide fuel cells, amongst others.

– The many applications of fuels cells in distributed power generation, portable power, residential power, and transportation are looked at.

– Challenges facing the commercialization of fuel cells are looked at, including high capital cost, environmental impact, availability of hydrogen, and many more

– The interaction between renewable energy carriers and fuel cells is analyzed.

– Pre-processing of fuels for fuel cells and the characteristics of certain fuels that are used are discussed, including biogas, hydrogen, dimethylether, natural gas, petrol and diesel fuels, methanol, amongst others.

– The report undertakse an in-depth analysis of several types of fuel cells including alkaline fuel cells, microbial fuel cells, micro fuel cells, polymer electrolyte fuel cells, and solid oxide fuel cells.

– An analysis of hydrogen production sources such as through coal gasification, biological and photobiological systems, electrolysis, industrial wastes, and other sources is included.

– Analysis of fuel cells for various uses is included. The uses include auxiliary power, military use, cogeneration or combined heat and power, small-scale energy consumption, light traction vehicles, and road drive vehicles.

– An analysis of fuel cell markets by country includes an analysis of the markets in Canada, China, India, Germany, Japan, and the United States.

– The publisher gets a better understanding of the market through several case studies and an analysis of the major industry players such as Acumentrics, Altergy Systems, Astris Energi, Ballard Power, Plug Powers, etc., completes this profile on the Global Fuel Cells Market.

This report on the Global Fuel Cells Market from Taiyou Research is a complete strategic analysis of this market.

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