Germany Solar Inverter Market to Grow at 6.5% CAGR by 2014

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Increasing overseas demand and residential PV installations in domestic market will drive the solar inverter market to grow substantially during 2009-2014, says RNCOS.

According to our latest research offering “German Photovoltaic Market Analysis”, Germany retained its top slot in the global PV industry in 2009 and registered record year on year installations growth. The government support along with commitments to lessen oil imports has driven PV market to expand exponentially. Especially, the solar inverter segment has orchestrated notable strives and was one of the key beneficiaries of the PV industry developments. The study revealed that in coming years also, solar inverters will continue to be in strong demand in both domestic and exports markets and the market will register 6.5% CAGR growth during 2009-2014.

The research revealed that, the solar inverter market in the country is quite organized and top four players constitute the majority of market revenue. However, a number of small players are also active in the industry and providing significant contribution to the industry’s value chain. It is anticipated that, decent market growth will continue to attract new market entrants, which will increase market competition and lessen products price. The developments will ultimately favor the consumers most and will sustain Germany’s leadership in the global arena.

Despite these developments, there still exist some growth inhibitors which can dent industry’s future outlook. For instance, Germany’s dominance is now being challenged by its Asian counterparts. The research showed that country can lose substantial market share due to its high production costs and effective competition from China and other South East Asian countries.

Our report “German Photovoltaic Market Analysis” provides extensive research and objective analysis of the German PV industry and its future market potentials. It facilitates information and statistics on all prominent market segments including residential, commercial, and solar parks. Besides, it provides market trends on cell manufacturing, solar inverter market, PV power plants etc. Separate sections on industry value chain analysis and after effects of FIT cuts & road ahead will help clients identify factors, critical to their successful strategy formulation and gain competitive edge over their rivals.

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