Rising Government Supports to Foster US Solar Market

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The United States, being a global superpower, represents a fast growing and potentially strong photovoltaic industry, says our new research report “US Photovoltaic Market Analysis”.

Increasing budget expenditure on crude oil, gas & coal, high grid installation & expansion costs, and increasing carbon emissions have triggered the US PV industry growth during the past few years. The PV industry registered phenomenal growth in 2009, despite recession. Photovoltaic energy solutions have been qualified as the most feasible alternatives and have been increasingly gaining considerable attention of industry players across the nation.

Our in-depth analysis of the US Photovoltaic Market has found that, the government incentives are still the backbone of the US PV industry. Existing FIT programs along with newly introduced cost based FIT’s are proving highly beneficial for the industry developments and strengthening the country’s (US) position in the global PV arena. In addition, notable efforts for more R&D, narrowing cost differentials between solar and conventional energy sources, environmental concern, and emission regulations are encouraging the public and private sector to focus on the PV industry developments.

Our team of experts has found that, at the state level, California sustained its top position in annual capacity installations in 2009, with 9% year-on-year growth. In terms of growth rates, Florida emerged as the dark horse in PV installations during 2009 with an astonishing growth rate of 3694%. However, among the segments, non-residential has shown the highest growth potential.

The report focuses on the growing marketplace for the PV industry at the national and state level and analyzes the current market trends along with future growth prospects. It evaluates all prominent market segments including residential, utilities, and non-residential. The report provides statistics information, state level analysis, PV cost benefit trends, module wise cost forecasts, utility scale solar facilities, etc. to help clients identify factors critical for their successful market penetration and gain early entry advantages.

Future outlook presented in the report has been analyzed considering the probable post-recession impact on the industry. It will enable clients to have a proper insight into the current and future outlook of the US Photovoltaic Market.

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