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Gamesa to supply 49,3 MW to Guangdong Nuclear Group in China

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The company has signed 350 MW projects with this utility in the past years.

Beijing, 4 December 2012. Gamesa, a global technology leader in wind energy, has signed a deal to supply 49.3 MW of capacity (58 of its 850 kW wind turbines) to China Guangdong Nuclear Wind Energy Limited for the wind farm located in Shandong Province, in China.

The wind farm is under built and is targeted to connect with the grid at the end of this year.

Gamesa in China and its relationship with Guangdong

The cooperation between Gamesa and Guangdong Nuclear were back to the year of 2009. Since then, Gamesa has signed 350 MW projects with this utility in Shandong, Liaoning and Heilongjiang provinces. China Guangdong Nuclear has widely used Gamesa 850 kW and Gamesa 2.0 MW wind turbines.

Gamesa operates in China as a turbine manufacturer and wind farm developer, a competitive advantage it strengthens through joint ventures with the country’s major power companies (at a global and provincial level), thanks to its comprehensive knowledge of the wind energy industry.

Gamesa has operated in China since 2000, installing more than 3,000 turbines at more than 60 sites across the country. As a wind farm developer, the company’s joint development pipeline in China now totals around 3,000 MW.

Gamesa (www.gamesacorp.com/en)

With 18 years’ experience and more than 25,000 MW installed in 40 countries, Gamesa is a global technological leader in the wind industry. Its comprehensive response includes the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of wind turbines, that manages for more than 18,000 MW.

Gamesa has production centres throughout Europe, the United States, China, India and Brazil.

Gamesa is also a world leader in the development, construction and sale of wind farms, having installed over 5,000 MW and having a portfolio of 25,000 MW in Europe, America and Asia.

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