Frbiz Analyzes That the Production of Solar Water Heaters is a Great Business Opportunity

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BEIJING, PRNewswire-Asia/, one of China’s leading B2B search platforms, analyzes that the production of solar water heaters presents a great business opportunity in China.

In recent years, rapid development of China’s solar energy industry, including heavy investment in small and medium enterprises, has created a rapid rise in competition in the market place.

Frbiz reports that China’s solar energy industry has developed in recent years from an emerging field, compared with other new energy industries, to a relatively mature industry with efficient thermal conversion, a high standard of product accessories, and relatively simply production equipment. Instead of spending thousands yuan to buy a set of equipment and purchase raw materials, through simple training, at home users can produce solar water heaters.

China’s solar water heater production sector does not implement a “production license system,” and so does not need China Compulsory Certification. The state has, however, introduced a relevant national standard for solar water heater product quality, but solar water heaters do not require a separate test. As long as an enterprise is in accordance with national standards, they can be sold on the market.

Compared to other home appliances, solar water heaters have a profit margin of up to 50% as opposed to the average of 10. On account of this high profit margin, in recent years a number of household electrical appliance enterprises have been turning to solar water heater R & D and production.

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