Forty eight thousand solar grants approved and counting

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To date, Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) has granted 48,000 grants for solar water heating systems in Ireland, which is the highest growth rate in all of Europe

So what is solar water heating? Active solar heating is one of the primary ways for buildings to use solar energy. This technology uses solar collectors to transform sunlight into heat to produce space and/or water heating. Solar heating is the most common application of active solar thermal in Europe. A solar system can typically provide up to 100 per cent of a family’s hot water requirements during the summer months and make a useful contribution during the rest of the year! In a typical year the system will provide 60-70 per cent of a family’s annual domestic hot water needs. A solar thermal system providing space and water heating is generally referred to as a solar combi-system. It is generally sized to cover 30-40 per cent of the annual heating requirements of a house in Ireland.

Paragon Energy is associated with and accredited to Kingspan Solar, which is Ireland’s own manufacturer of world leading evacuated tube systems. Kingspan has developed its own network of highly skilled accredited installers, such as Paragon Energy, and offers an increased warranty from five years to 10 years when installed by Paragon Energy.

Alan Hogan, sales director for Kingspan Solar says: “Twenty five years ago, we devoted ourselves to perfecting solar thermal vacuum tube technology that would generate hot water even in cold, wet, and cloudy days. We succeeded!”

With more than 25 years’ experience, the Kingspan Thermomax brand is firmly established as the world leader. Kingspan Thermomax collectors are the premium product in the market, designed specifically for a northern European climate. They provide a superior performance whatever the weather.

Thermomax products were the first to receive the European quality mark for solar collectors – The Solar Keymark, and in 2005 Thermomax collectors were awarded the International Forum Design Award for Excellence in Product Design.

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