Evoco Energy welcomes effective date of new Feed-in-Tariff regulation

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Only MCS-accredited turbines are now eligible for FITs as regulation comes into force.


Evoco Energy, the specialist in small scale wind turbine technology, has welcomed the changes to Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) regulation that came into force today. Although the rules changed in January to stipulate that no new turbines could be eligible for Feed-in-Tariffs (FITs) unless they had been certified under MCS, unacreddited manufacturers were given until 01 July 2011 to install any orders they had received before 31 December 2010.

FITs are the financial incentives provided under the UK Government’s clean energy scheme and pay small scale and domestic energy producers for every kilowatt-hour of energy they produce, as well as for any electricity they export back to the grid. Guaranteed for 20 years, the financial rewards provided via FITs shorten the payback period of small scale renewable energy methods and are a major incentive when considering a wind turbine for microgeneration.

“The hiatus between the change in FITs regulation and the new rules coming into effect has led to many turbines that have not been stringently MCS tested coming onto the grid in the last six months,” comments Ryan Gill, managing director, Evoco Energy. “As manufacturers of one of only seven turbines now eligible for FITs, we are pleased to see the deadline of 1 July pass without amendment, as we strongly believe in the deployment of quality turbines that have been built to last, and that produce an electricity yield in accordance with the manufacturer’s claims.”

“Certification is now a must for any new turbine installation wishing to benefit from government incentives,” continues Gill. “We firmly believe that this is necessary to guarantee the levels of quality, performance and payback promised by small scale wind turbine manufacturers, and will serve to strengthen the case for wind power as an essential element in the future energy mix.”

Evoco Energy’s Evoco 10kW turbine was one of the first turbines in the UK to be approved under MCS, and was also recently accredited by the Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC) meaning it is now eligible for financial incentives throughout the United States.

About Evoco Energy

Evoco Energy is a specialist in next-generation small-scale wind turbine technology for rural regions, and is pioneering the field of wind microgeneration. Also known as ‘microwind’ technologies, small-scale wind turbines feature rotors aerodynamically engineered to turn wind energy into electricity. They do not interfere with livestock rearing or crop growth, making them ideal for farmers, and can be deployed on an unobstructed rural site as small as one acre – perfect for farmers, smallholders, homeowners and those with commercial property with additional land.

Evoco has invested substantially in research and development, and owns a dedicated, state-of-the-art factory with capacity to deliver 5,000 high-quality small-scale wind turbines each year. Unlike many other green start-ups, Evoco Energy benefits from the financial backing of a well established parent company, Wiley Accessories, together with a network of trusted resellers. Evoco’s small-scale wind turbines are supplied with a 5-year warranty, have a design life of 20 years, and offer market-leading performance independently verified by government-accredited agencies.


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