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Evance small wind turbines first to be erected in Lake District National Park

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Kirkstone Pass Inn harnesses wind power to stay open for business – Evance small wind turbines support a low-carbon Lake District.

Three Evance small wind turbines and a substantial battery backup system have been installed at the 500-year-old Kirkstone Pass Inn in the Lake District National Park in a bid to beat crippling fuel costs and remain open for business into the long-term future.

The Inn is not on mains-grid electricity and previously relied on expensive diesel generators for all electrical power – resulting in diesel bills last year totalling some £25,000. With the Evance small wind turbines the owner can now take advantage of the Inn’s remote location – at the picturesque summit of the Cumbrian Kirkstone Pass – and harness the power of the wind.

Owner John Jennings explains: “We simply had to look at alternative power sources or face inevitable closure. Although we are in a remote location, we wanted a solution appropriate for use within a National Park and one that would let us generate electricity in a more environmentally-friendly way. Using the energy generated by Evance’s turbines we are committed to cutting our diesel bills by at least 75 percent.”

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised that the majority of visitors haven’t even noticed the turbines until they have been pointed out! New green technology powering an iconic historic inn is proving to be an interesting talking point at the bar,” adds John Jennings.

Diesel generators produce a lot of carbon waste, as well as being noisy, so generating power using the turbines will dramatically reduce the use of diesel. The turbines alone will reduce the Inn’s CO2 emissions by over 22 tonnes per year – supporting a low-carbon Lake District.

“The Evance wind turbines installed at The Kirkstone Pass Inn are small – just 12 metre high towers – and are the result of a detailed consultation process with the Lake District National Park, where it was felt that it was more appropriate to deploy three small turbines rather than a single much larger one,” added Mark Meth-Cohn of MMC Engineering Services, installers of the Evance turbines.

“We’re delighted that the Inn – like so many other remote rural businesses and homes – chose R9000 small wind turbines to deliver a clear financial and environmental improvement on their existing energy generating systems,“ commented Kevin Parslow, CEO of Evance Wind Turbines. “It’s good to know that this historic inn will be there for visitors in the years to come.”

About Evance Wind Turbines Ltd

Evance Wind Turbines, a world-leading manufacturer of small wind turbines, is dedicated to helping customers capture and use wind power to reduce both energy bills and carbon footprint. Evance has a global footprint of over 1000 installations helping home owners, schools, farmers and businesses to become green energy producers.

Evance’s 5kW R9000 wind turbine is fully MCS certified and eligible for the UK’s Feed-in Tariff scheme. As a leading manufacturer of small wind turbines Evance delivers efficient and reliable solutions designed to produce maximum energy yield.


About Kirkstone Pass Inn – ‘the Inn with Altitude’

At 1,500ft, Kirkstone Pass Inn is the highest inhabited building in Cumbria and the third highest Inn in England. Built in 1497AD and refurbished as a coach house in the early 1800s, the unspoilt traditional Inn serves real Cumbrian ales and home-cooked meals, and offers accommodation for all budgets, from en-suite rooms to a budget bunkhouse facility.


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