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Evance and Edurance parter to provide E-3120 50kW.

Evance Wind Turbines, a world-leading manufacturer of small wind turbines, has partnered with Endurance Wind Power to provide the E-3120 50kW wind turbine to utility companies, communities and government organisations.

The Endurance E-3120 50kW turbine is able to generate 168,900kWh per year with an annual average wind speed of 6m/s, and is eligible for the UK’s Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs). This makes the E-3120 a perfect choice for commercial businesses and other private and public sector organisations that have high energy requirements, and are looking for a sustainable way to minimise energy bills and reduce their impact on the environment.

The E-3120 complements Evance’s successful 5kW R9000 turbine, which is ideal for smaller businesses, land owners, farmers and home owners. Evance will be selling the E-3120 turbine directly to customers in the UK and through its reseller network to European organisations.

“We have seen considerable growth in renewable energy investment and as a result enjoyed continued high demand for our R9000 turbine. With this increased investment in small wind, we wanted to complement our product portfolio with a wind turbine that would benefit the higher energy consumers” said Kevin Parslow, CEO of Evance Wind Turbines.

“We were determined to find a partner that shared our ethos of providing high quality reliable products and service to customers. We found that Endurance was the perfect choice based on this commitment to quality and its 50kW turbine will fulfil the needs of the high energy consuming organisations we are aiming to help.”

“Many organisations in the public and private sector across Europe will be able to take full advantage of this partnership. Endurance is thrilled to have a highly reputable organisation such as Evance add our 50kW turbine to its product portfolio to answer the growing demand in these markets” said Glenn Johnson, CEO of Endurance Wind Power.

About Evance Wind Turbines Ltd

Evance Wind Turbines, a world leading manufacturer of small wind turbines, is dedicated to helping customers capture and use wind power to reduce both energy bills and carbon footprint.

Evance has a global footprint of over 500 installations helping farmers, schools, businesses and home owners to become green energy producers.

Evance’s 5kW R9000 wind turbine is fully MCS certified and eligible for the UK’s Feed-in Tariff scheme.

As a leading manufacturer of small wind turbines Evance delivers efficient and reliable solutions designed to produce maximum energy yield.


About Endurance Wind Power

Endurance Wind Power is a manufacturer of advanced small wind turbines 50kW in size, designed specifically for distributed wind power applications. Their line of modern, induction-based wind turbines brings efficient, reliable, safe and quiet, renewable energy within reach of home owners, farmers, businesses and institutions across North America, the United Kingdom and an expanding global market.

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