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Ambient energy Energy harvesting is the use of ambient energy to provide electricity for small and or mobile equipment, whether electrical or electronic.

It is concerned with providing relatively maintenance free, long life equipment, reducing the need for batteries. As is typical in relatively new technologies, there is much hype about energy harvesting and it is tough to find which countries, technologies and suppliers see success and why. This report answers those questions using hard facts.

Those wishing to use energy harvesting need reassurance that it is a technology that has progressed beyond trials and new product announcements. They need to benchmark best practice. In addition, those supplying, financing and otherwise involved in energy harvesting need to identify the successful suppliers, technologies and users and learn from the failures out there. This new report provides the answers, with analysis of a considerable number of case studies concerning ongoing successful use of energy harvesting. Those needing market forecasts, technology trends, researchers, aspiring suppliers and value chain should read the sister report “Energy Harvesting and Storage for Electronic Devices” (IDTechEx 2010).

Uses of energy harvesting
This report looks exclusively at use of energy harvesting beyond new product announcements and trials. It examines the benefits of each project and reasons for success and failure. Winning countries, technologies, suppliers and applications are identified from hard facts. These facts, taken in conjunction with IDTechEx value analysis of the energy harvesting market and the progress of technology improvements, are used to project what will be the successes in the next five years in terms of adoption, rather than just trial, of energy harvesting. We give the reasons why. This report is intended for all involved in the energy harvesting value chain, including legislators, governments, standards bodies and investors. Benchmark your success and failure and optimise your future approach based on measured evidence. It is all here.

Examples of content include, USA Amerigon fuel cells, Switzerland solar plane, Brazil, Botswana, Palestine West Bank solar charged hearing aid, Spain solar bus stop, China High Tech Wealth solar phone, Japan solar phone Sharp, Korea solar touch phone Samsung and more.

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