ENER-G Natural Power

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ENER-G Natural Power delivers turnkey projects that produce sustainable energy by exploiting landfill, mines and digester and associated gases worldwide.

Methane gas produced by the degradation process of waste within landfill sites and anaerobic digestion plants is a potentially harmful greenhouse gas, 21 times more damaging than CO2 when released in to the atmosphere.

However, this methane gas is a valuable fuel that can be used to generate renewable energy, for which ENER-G has developed commercially viable and optimised utilisation techniques. This expertise also extends to mines gas and coal bed methane utilisation.

With over two decades of experience, a worldwide client base and a proven track record of delivering methane gas generation projects, ENER-G is one of the world’s leading independent experts in the field.

ENER-G has developed a system of self-contained, modular generator units with outputs ranging from as little as 165kW to 2MW, with the larger generators having integral transformers.

Producing green electricity from otherwise harmful greenhouse gas fuels is core to the ENER-G Group’s renewable energy business. This electricity qualifies for Government incentives, developed to encourage the generation of Renewable Power by issuing ‘green certificates’ (financial incentives on the value of green energy).

ENER-G has innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for:

  • landfill gas
  • digester gas
  • coal bed and coal mine methane
  • associated gases.

For more information: http://www.energ.co.uk