Eliosolar's Innovative Thermal Shade Structures Combine Solar Energy Capture and Architecture

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Architectural Thermal Shade Structures protect buildings from the sun's heat while producing thermal solar hot water.

LOS ANGELES, — Eliosolar officially introduces a new line of Solar Thermal Shade products: Eliosolar Thermal shade Modular Elements (ETME).

Made of recyclable aluminum, ETME contain an integrated invisible thermal solar collector and come in four sizes with standard steel wall anchors and posts in a contemporary industrial design style.

Available as off-the-shelf items for easy ordering and rapid installation, ETME can be assembled into Thermal Shade Structures (Sunshades, Facade Sun Shields, Canopies, Trellis, Patio cover, Carport, Walkways…) and installed on new constructions or retrofits.

Combining the benefits of passive and active solar concepts, Thermal Shade Structures protect building and occupants from solar heat with shade, reducing indoor temperature and a/c consumption while capturing the sun’s energy to generate free solar hot water for the building needs: domestic or commercial consumption, pool heating or radiant heating.

A perfect alternative to unsightly rooftop solar collectors, Thermal Shade Structures can also be manufactured to architect’s design specifications to fit seamlessly with the architecture of a building.

“Eliosolar products offer a smart solution and a great opportunity for architects and builders to integrate solar thermal hot water systems in their projects while maintaining the architectural design integrity of their buildings…and an economical solution since solar thermal shades will pay for themselves thanks to tax credits and energy savings generated over time,” says architect Rob Anderson, AIA, principal of design-build firm CAC Development.

For more information, consult our website: http://www.eliosolar.com/

Thermal Shade Modular Elements (ETME) are available through Eliosolar dealers.

About Eliosolar

Eliosolar designs, engineers and manufactures solar thermal architectural products, in Los Angeles, California. With the goal of spreading solar thermal hot water technology and fostering energy savings, Eliosolar combine shading and thermal solar capture with architectural style in visually appealing products fit for residential and commercial applications.

Web Site: Eliosolar

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