ElectraTherm Generates Clean Electricity from Solar-Heated Water

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ElectraTherm Green Machines Increase Renewable Energy Output at World’s First Micro-Scaled Concentrating Solar Power Plant

Carson City, NV [WorldofRenewables.com]

ElectraTherm, Inc. (www.electratherm.com) announced the successful installation of two ElectraTherm Green Machines to create electrical power from solar thermal heat at the “Holaniku at Keahole Point” Solar Farm on Hawaii’s Big Island. Keahole Solar Power, LLC (KSP) purchased the ElectraTherm Green Machines which

are used in a co-generation process to create additional power at the solar farm, and increasing system efficiencies.

The Holaniku Solar Farm was unveiled at a ribbon cutting event on December 10th, 2009 and is the first in the world to utilize Sopogy’s Micro-scale Concentrating Solar Power Concentrators or “MicroCSP” for power generation. This is also the first commercial solar thermal application of ElectraTherm’s organic Rankine cycle (ORC) technology powered by its patented Twin Screw Expander.

KSP learned of ElectraTherm’s technology while working to create an efficient, modular and quickly deployed solar thermal template for mass adoption around world. Existing processes at Holaniku use 3.8 acres of solar collectors that feed two 4,000 gallon tanks. These tanks supply the ElectraTherm Green Machines with hot water through an array of insulated pipes, valves, sensors and pumps. The ElectraTherm Green Machines turn the heat into fuel-free, clean electrical power.

“We are pleased to announce that the two ElectraTherm Green Machines are running and improving our system efficiencies at Holaniku at Keahole Point in creating clean electricity,” said Darren T. Kimura, Founder of Keahole Solar Power. “With unparalleled natural energy resources including abundant sun, wind, geothermal, and ocean thermal energy – the Big Island is extending its leadership in renewable and sustainable energy.”

ElectraTherm’s heat-to-power technology can convert many sources of low temperature liquid heat (process heat, geothermal, solar thermal, jacket water, etc.) into power. A forklift can easily place the skid mounted 5’x5’ 50kW ElectraTherm Green Machine, making it a truly modular, scalable power plant. Containing only three components with moving parts, the Green Machine operates at higher reliability and with a faster ROI then conventional turbine driven variations.

“Solar thermal applications go hand in hand with ElectraTherm technology, and we are pleased to see Keahole Solar Farm realizing the benefits of creating additional power from solar heat,” said Rob Hoover, ElectraTherm SVP of Channel Sales. “Compared to other forms of renewable energy technology, ElectraTherm offers one of the fastest payback periods in the industry, with maintenance costs of under a penny per kilowatt hour.”

For more information about the ElectraTherm Green Machine, visit www.electratherm.com/products.html.

About ElectraTherm, Inc. ElectraTherm, Inc. delivers renewable energy solutions for a sustainable future, now. The company’s proven, patented Twin Screw Expander enables its line of heat to power generators to make electricity from waste and geothermal heat instead of fossil fuel.

ElectraTherm’s fuel-free, emission-free and low cost technology offers the industry’s shortest payback period on investment. For more information on ElectraTherm and its cleantech, green power products, please visit www.electratherm.com.

About Keahole Solar Power, LLC.
Founded in 2007, Keahole Solar Power (KSP) specializes in utility scale power developments using clean solar technologies with a focus on research and development in specialty solar thermal energy storage and smart system controls. KSP’s goal is bring over 30 megawatts of solar energy to Hawaii by 2015. Please visit www.KeaholeSolarPower.com for more information.

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