EDO Municipal Services Urge DTHOS to Improve Performance

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City District Government Karachi was formulating a new policy for solid waste management.

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All towns should therefore submit their suggestions in this regard so that a uniform and compact policy could be adopted for solid waste management in the city. This was stated by EDO Municipal Services Masood Alam while addressing a meeting of the deputy town health officers in committee room of Civic Center on Monday.

EDO Municipal Services said that expenditures that has been incurred on the solid waste management since 14th August 2001 were also being compiled so that a compact policy could be formed after comparing it with the expenditures incurred on solid waste management in mega cities of the world. The new policy and expenditures incurred on solid waste management will also be forwarded to the Supreme Court.

Referring to the complaints received regarding unsatisfactory sanitation condition in the city he urged the town health officers to improve their performance, adding that the municipal services department will provide them with all possible help including supply of machinery and other resources.

EDO Municipal Services said that the town administration must take these directives seriously and make all necessary measures to improve the situation. Garbage dumping trucks must be thoroughly covered up so that they could safely carry the garbage and waste to the landfill site. He said that the production of domestic waste was increasing each day with the raise in the population of the city. The town administration should therefore ensure enhanced budget and expenditures for sanitation and cleanliness.

He said that the municipal bodies must carry on their usual work accordingly till the local government elections are held, especially the development projects must complete on time and the sanitation condition should not be affected.

EDO Municipal Services also took serious notice of the information that some town administrations have established their separate landfill sites, saying that only two landfill sites have legal status in the city and it was illegal to dump garbage and domestic waste at sites other than the designated one. He also stressed the need for improvement in the performance of Baldia Town saying that the towns should inform about the required number of garbage containers and solid waste vehicles so that their requirement could be fulfilled.

Source: City District Government Karachi

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