eaction from Dr Alastair Martin, founder of Flexitricity, on the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution

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Flexitricity pioneered the demand-response industry in Britain, generating tens of millions for its energy partners since its launch in 2004. It is the first energy supplier to provide full, active participation in the Balancing Mechanism for demand response assets.

The Edinburgh-headquartered business now has over 550 MW under management – a virtual power plant helping the National Grid meet the energy demands of the UK.

Dr Alastair Martin, founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Flexitricity said: “We greatly welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday, and we’re convinced that our flexible electricity customers can help to make it succeed.

“The ten-point plan depends on flexibility.  In electricity, supply and demand have to match all the time, but offshore wind power goes up and down, and nuclear power stations deliver flat, unvarying megawatts.  Meanwhile, electric vehicles and heat pumps add large amounts of demand to the local networks.

“The answer has to be for energy users to both save and earn money, by responding as energy prices and network power flows change hour by hour and minute by minute.  We don’t need them to take on hassle or risk – technology can handle this for them, while keeping homes warm and making sure vehicles are charged in time for the next trip.

“We’ve been operating industrial energy flexibility in energy markets for over twelve years – so we know this can work.  We’ve recently seen a revolution in battery energy storage, and we’re looking forward to seeing that supplemented by green hydrogen – another flexible electricity-consuming technology.

“This means that at least three of the ten points – vehicles, home heating and hydrogen – answer the key challenges that the plan contains.

“Flexitricity is already working on a number of exciting projects that demonstrate what the energy system of the future should look like. This includes the Electric Nation trial with Western Power Distribution and CrowdCharge that showcases how EV users can bring flexibility to the grid and earn from doing so.  This should become business as usual when EVs reach the penetration suggested in the Prime Minister’s plan. We are also working with a leading heat pump installer to bring a growing number of existing and new domestic heat pumps into our virtual power plant and trade their flexibility in the Balancing Mechanism.

“We’re eager to see the details in the forthcoming Energy White Paper.  In the meantime, it’s as clear as it’s ever been that green business is good business.”