e-Showcase: REFUenergy – January 2015

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REFUenergy – energy for life.

Life requires energy – REFUenergy has made it its business to make this energy accessible. In the form in which it is needed. Anytime and anywhere. And in an economically efficient and ecologically aware way.

With innovative off-grid and semi-off-grid solutions the division of the experienced company REFU Elektronik GmbH, part of the international operating PRETTL group, sets new
standards in the fields of electrical supply, power storage and inverter technology. At its location at Pfullingen near Stuttgart (Germany) the company develops and coordinates customer-specific solutions at the highest technical level. From software development and implementation of stand-alone container solutions to connection options for e-mobility concepts.

REFUenergy is the interface between power suppliers and consumers, makes renewable energies accessible and maximises their success – thanks to the effective connection with tried-and-tested technologies for energy production. REFUenergy is the trusted partner for your energy needs

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