DuPont and Trina Solar form strategic partnership

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The partnership could result in longer-lasting and less expensive solar cells and modules.

Although solar panels have been available for decades, they are still cost-prohibitive for many families and business owners. Expensive upfront costs can deter many people from embracing solar technology despite a proven long-term return on investment (ROI). However, a new strategic cooperation agreement between DuPont and Chinese firm Trina Solar may bring solar power to more customers.

“Anticipated areas of technology collaboration for Trina and DuPont include higher efficiency cells and modules, customized Solamet photovoltaic metallization pastes and other materials to help enable Trina’s technology platforms including its high-efficiency Honey Series modules, as well as innovative framing, backsheet and other components.” Source: DuPont

Two possible game-changing results of this agreement are longer-lasting as well as less expensive solar cells and modules. If the upfront costs associated with a new solar installation can be reduced, more consumers may be drawn to the technology.

As an added bonus, a system that can outlast the life expectancy of today’s solar technology has a better long-term ROI, making the product even more desirable.

Source: MNN

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